Kissimmee- vacation home capital

will be known as the “Vacation Home Capital of the World” —Complete with pro athletes and corporate executives popping in for stays at sprawling, richly appointed mansions. “It’s real exciting for Orlando and the new visitors everyday. “It’s a whole different market.” Different doesn’t begin to describe the luxury-rental-home market for which Kissimmee is becoming known.DSCN4798

British investors have high hopes of selling their overseas 10 years from now and retiring in the Kissimmee homes. Bella Vida is one of these communities that offer so many amenities that you really don’t need to venture out. If you feel you need to go exploring everything is close.

With so much entertainment around Central from , to Universal Studios , and Sea World, who needs to venture anywhere else. Just imagine renting a 6 bedroom home with a private pool and spa on conservation with a large game room and 5 and 1/2 bathrooms Great and inexpensive compared to hotels that run 300 to 350 a night,you can get these homes for around 250 a night