Lakefront Living in Florida-A Dream

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This is a photograph of Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, Florida. It is a focal point of our community. Enjoy walking around the lake and seeing our beautiful swans swimming While dreaming of Florida Lake Living


Lake Nona Area in Southeast Orlando, Florida

Lake Nona is a pristine 500+ acre lake in the heart of “Medical City”. This is truly a preserved portrait of “Florida”. There is limited access to this lake. Residents and members of the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. It is interesting that there is relatively little information about the lake of Lake Nona. It does chain into Lake Buck and Red Lake, however, you can only get to those two lakes with a kayak or canoe. Of course the views from the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club golf course are absolutely spectacular and frame most of the course. Lake Nona is a preserved part of “true” Florida. The water quality is pristine since the motorized boats are strictly limited. In addition, it is lined with Cypress trees and lily pads which the bass absolutely love. If you are a resident then all have access to fishing and non-motorized boats from Green Dock on Lake (9)




Lake Nona in Southeast Orlando, Florida


Lake Hart

Lake Hart is located in Southeast Orlando and is approximately 6.5 square miles. It is also connected to Lake Mary Jane. The water quality here is extremely nice, and there are very few boaters so you can enjoy your time there whether it is skiing, tubing, wake boarding or fishing. There is a boat ramp to Lake Hart using the Moss Park State Park.

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Lake Mary Jane

Lake Mary Jane connects to Lake Hart as mentioned above. The ramps at Moss Park State Park are excellent here. Please note if you have a “high” floating boat or canopy you may be challenged to access Lake Hart underneath a bridge. It all depends on the water level. This lake is also a true testimony to “old Florida”.  The surface area is approximately 1,135 acres with a mean depth of 7 feet. There is a tropic state here.


Lake Tohopekaliga

Majority of the time we are fishing the Kissimmee Chain, which is about 25 minutes from the Disney World th (2)Orlando area. Lake Toho, the top lake in the chain, has been hot for quite a few years. Even though B.A.S.S.
Top Pros broke all kinds of records, for most fish over 10 pounds, biggest one day weight, and biggest four day total.
Picking great Orlando fishing locations is part of being the premiere Central Florida fishing guide service you get to enjoy a day where the fishing at its best. We are the Florida fishing guides of choice, located near Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studio’s, Islands of Adventure, Sea World and other Central Florida attractions located in Orlando. Lake Tohopekaliga or “Lake Toho” has long been known as one of Florida’s trophy Largemouth Bass fisheries all time best.


Lake Kissimmee

At different times of the year other parts of the chain can get HOTTER than a firecracker and yield great catches. Lake Kissimmee is one of those lakes that can and  and has  proven to be a big fish lake. Lake Kissimmee is 44,000 acres and one of the most beautiful lakes in the state of Florida.

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Lake Kissimmee is world famous for its’ catches of big largemouth bass, yet the fishing pressure is fairly light due to the expanse of vegetation, and the many places for bass to hide out and ambush baitfish. It is entirely possible for a bass to live to a ripe old age without many encounters with anglers, since there are places where they can hide.



Conway Chain of Lakesth (7)

Conway Chain of Lakes located in Orlando Florida is actually made up of two lakes, but four pools of water. There is Little Lake Conway and Lake Conway. The four pools are considered to be East, West Middle and South Pools. There is limited public access to this chain with only one public boat ramp. The Shore line of the Conway Chain of Lakes is completely developed. The total size of the combined lakes is almost 1,800 acres and the water is clear. What makes the Conway Chain such a hit in Orlando for bass fishing is the beds of peppergrass, eelgrass and hydrilla scattered offshore and hard sandy (3)

Bass Fishing in Orlando on Lake Conway offers some exciting action for fishing in the Orlando, Central Florida area especially in the winter. Summer time bass fishing can be slower, but the winter time t he bass fishing can be explosive. In the winter the bass start schooling up on schools of Shad and catching 50 plus bass in one trip is not out of the question. If you would like to take your children fishing or spouse, this is an excellent lake to go on. The bass fishing on Lake Conway in the winter is constant and can keep your child excited and busy all day long. Not only is the Conway Chain a great bass fishing lake in Orlando but this lake also produces some excellent Crappie Fishing. No matter if you want to catch bass or crappie, Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide Services can help you have a successful and exciting fishing trip.


Butler Chain of Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes was formed as a result of a typical Florida occurrence known as topography which happens with others as the Conway Chain of lakes. The earth’s bottom called limestone, which underlies most of Florida, was slowly dissolved by water to form sinkholes. A series of sinkholes that formed over time produced the sparkling, pristine Butler Chain of Lakes. Many areas within the lakes can be as deep as 30 to 40 feet. The chain of lakes, Down, Wauseon Bay, Butler, Louise, Isleworth, Tibet-Butler, Chase, Blanche, Sheen, Pocket, and Fish, have been designated by the Department of Environmental Regulation of the State of Florida as “Outstanding Florida Waters” due to their excellent water quality and wildlife (1)

th (4)Consisting of clear water, deep ledges, visible and submerge vegetation, the Butler chain offers a wide variety of lure options as well as year round fishing. Schooling bass are found almost year round allowing for exciting top water action at times. Finesse techniques are also excellent choices that are used for water that can be clear enough to see 10 ft deep on a sunny day. Techniques used for finesse fishing can be drop shot, wacky rigging for artificial fishing and shiners or shad for live bait among others.
Best times to fish the Butler chain are from October through May. This time of the year offers quality size bass in the 3-8lb range and good numbers of fish caught each day. Boat traffic can be difficult on weekends, but the cooler winter temperatures keep recreational boaters to a minimum.
Although, live bait can be used on this chain, it is a very popular Orlando fishing locations for artificial because of the wide variety of techniques available to catch pre-spawn, spawning and post spawn bass. This chain is excellent for anglers from the North and from Japan who are accustomed to deep clear water while using spinning tackle with light line. Another plus is the location of the chain which is located just minutes from Disney and Universal Studios. 

Winter Park Chain of Lakes, Florida



  • Lake Killarney
  • Lake Maitland
  • Lake Mizell
  • Lake Osceola
  • Lake Virginia

The City of Winter Park encourages all residents to use and enjoy our aquatic resources. No matter what your idea of recreation on a lake is, the waters in and around Winter Park can offer what you seek. The chain of lakes is a popular boating and skiing destination for residents who prefer active recreational activities. The chain is also popular among area anglers, most of whom ply the waters of the chain early in the morning, or during the week, when boat traffic is lighter. Remember that a Winter Park boat sticker or day pass is required before launching motorboats on the chain of lakes.

Fishermen who prefer quieter surroundings can try their luck at Lake Baldwin. The ramp at Lake Baldwin Park on Lakemont Avenue can accommodate most fishing boats. The City Commission has designated the lake a “no motor boat lake” so you’ll have to use your electric motors, or oars (fishing boats with gas engines may be launched but only electric, sail or manual power may be used). The status as a no motor lake is somewhat tentative since most of the lake is within the City of Orlando, and they have not made any decisions on the future use of the lake. For the time being, however, Lake Baldwin offers a peaceful alternative. People who like to sail, canoe and kayak will also enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Canoes and kayaks can be used in all city lakes unless otherwise posted. If you are using a car or truck to haul your boat, please obey all parking restrictions. Illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed.