Original Lake Nonian

30410981Local artist Karen McRainey has a love for Disney and pays extra attention to detail. She worked for Disney for 30 years and has lived in Northlake Park for 14 years.After retirement,she found a love for painting.A self taught artist,Karen has been painting for a short 2 years but her artwork shows her dedication and love of the arts.

Karen and her husband Doug moved to Northlake Park from Winter Park in 2002 and they both fell in love for the area and the YMCA “We were the 50th house and now there is 1,100 homes” says Doug McRainey.They both remember the forgotten years of times when they could see cows in nearby fields and planes flying over head.Karen retired 8 tears ago and took up the art of painting.Doug expressed his thankfulness for their first purchase of a painters kit. Karen began her new career and passion for the art of painting.