top 5 favorite Valentine’s Day gifts

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With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, many of us are making reservations and hitting the stores to find the perfect gift.

But did you know that the “perfect” gift varies drastically by state, as do many Valentine’s Day trends and traditions.

For example, while roses and chocolates may be considered classic Valentine’s gifts, but that’s not the case in several states that prefer, instead, to find more unique gifts for their loved one.

Here in the Sunshine State, we do prefer to go the more traditional gift route, with roses, teddy bears, chocolates, flower bouquets and a pedicure coming in as the top five gifts. In contrast, Florida shoppers said a bottle of alcohol and lingerie were their least favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s some other interesting data, courtesy of

  • To celebrate the holiday, 39% of Floridians said they would be staying in for the night. 28% will be heading to a romantic restaurant for dinner, while 2% plan to spend the night out on the town.
  • While shopping early can help you snag the best deals, 13% of Florida shoppers admitted that they wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to buy their gifts.
  • When it comes to the top treats they hope to receive on Feb. 14, Floridians want a box of chocolates (32%) and chocolate-covered strawberries (30%).
  • Roses steal the show as the top Valentine’s Day flower in Florida (42%). If you want to give a more unique gift this year, consider daisies (16%) and sunflowers (14%).